Research Skills

  • Background and basis of a research project
    – Be aware of what has been done before (understand complex theories, new insights in a given field)
    – Recognize and define problems and issues; formulate and test hypotheses
    – Pay attention to claims, possible counter-evidence, counter-arguments (apply highest standards of rigor in the testing of ideas)
  • Methodology
    – Understand relevant research methodologies and techniques and their appropriate applications
    – Select and evaluate the methods used for the research topic chosen
    – Select and collect appropriate and sufficient material/data/subjects/examples for the research
    – Choose appropriate variables in relation to the objectives and the resources available
  • Critical mind
    – Develop theoretical concepts and thinking
    – Analyze critically and evaluate one’s findings in relation to the findings of others
    – Justify the principles and techniques used in one’s own research
    – Question the position of the researcher as an observer with subjectivity, assumptions, implicit ideology, cultural background, stereotypes
    – Have a clear view of generalizability, the risk of oversimplification, and comparability of situations, actions and data
    – Understand the processes for the evaluation of research
    – Demonstrate the potential impact of the research project