Objectives of Doctoral Programs in TS

  • Students should have a systematic understanding of Translation Studies as a unified
    field of research (not only as a narrow subfield) and mastery of the skills and methods of research associated with Translation Studies;
  • Students should have the ability to conceptualize, design and implement a substantial and original research project in Translation Studies:
  • Students should be capable of critical analysis and evaluation of new and complex
    ideas in Translation Studies research, and if the program structure allows for it,
    capable of the same for professional translation environments and their development;
  • Students should be able to communicate about their research with their peers, the
    larger Translation Studies community, professionals, all other stakeholders, and
    society in general;
  • Students should be able to promote, within academic and professional contexts, social and technological progress related to international and multilingual communication;
  • Students should be able to pursue a high-level career involving research in Translation Studies – with possible applications not only in academia but also in the professional domain.