Decision on the application

Applicants’ scores are calculated and tabulated by the Evaluation Committee delegate (rotation basis) according to the evaluation scale.

Final scores are categorized as follows:
V=accept for membership
W=withhold from membership
X=retain for membership based on further discussion, with possibility of refusal

The decision shall be communicated in the following way:

1. Delegate informs members of the Evaluation Committee and the ID-TS Board of Management
2. Delegate issues acceptance and rejection form letters. Rejection letters should include detailed feedback on how the applicant can prepare to reapply
3. The assistant to the ID-TS Board of Management prepares to incorporate basic data into website/content management system so that the ID-TS membership information is online
4. Based on feedback concerning the first round of applications and evaluation process, adjust or modify the forms and process. Post online the date when new applications will be accepted and evaluated by the committee